On Rendering - Save Pattern Names Into Filenames

Hiya Renoise devs, the nice peeps on Twitter pointed me here…

A little suggestion from me as I use Renoise from time to time as a sound design tool as well as for music, is to use the pattern name text in the rendered wave file names on export - for example I have a ‘song’ that I am using to create some sound effects that has several patterns named something like:

01 - Hit 1
02 - Hit 2
03 - Hit 3
04 - Explode
05 - Laser

Currently on export these go into something like NAMEOFSONG_Seq01.wav Seq02 etc…

It would be super useful if alternatively the pattern names could be used for the file names themselves (and would save a lot of time on the comp. keyboard post to export :slight_smile:

A couple of radio buttons for ‘include song name in output’ or ‘use song name as folder’ and ‘name outputs to pattern names’ would be ace if you have selected render each pattern to individual file.

The same could be said for exporting a normal audio track of a piece of sequenced music that has pattern names, it could actually make life a lot easier when pulling in exported patterns back into the Renoise env. afterwards too (for example if your kicking out breaks fills or drumloops to pull back in; or even whole parts)…

Cheers muchly - I hope that made sense, I am extremely tired :)


Track Names are added to the filename already so use different tracks.

You can use a pattern multiple types so still needs the sequencer number, although I don’t overly see harm in added pattern name to it as well if something has been added to that section.

The pattern = the container hence me req’ the name to be inserted into the output filename on render > per pattern… a sound effect or ‘section’ I am working with would have many many tracks within it (sometimes over 16 with different settings) that I would not want to export separately in this instance…

I should think rendering out various sections of a song anyway with a filename text marker is a pretty useful feature be it a ‘pattern name’ or some other way of marking various larger areas of a song in Renoise… perhaps just select / highlight and enter note or something?

Would surely help people sending stuff out for people to remix for example?

Just thinking aloud here… :D


Good idea and I can confirm that ne7 is correct.

2.7 uses this format at render:

Seq01 being the first pattern, Seq02 being the 2nd pattern and so on

if this feature is implemented you’d want to make sure your patterns have filename friendly names.

Funny, I’m also using Renoise for creating samples for a game and I was about to suggest exactly this!! Because my patterns are named as “wrong_answer”, “bonus”, etc, and I was kind of expecting Renoise to have an option to save each pattern using the pattern name :slight_smile:

So a “+1” from me regarding this feature. It’d be terribly useful!