On Silly Children Or Strange Passengers

here is a new song.

its called On silly children or strange passengers.

you can find it on my new myspace. :o


feedback would be wonderful because i have a terrible head cold so the mix will probably be way off.
or just to let me know you thoughts on it.

i also posted my earlier song.

don’t mind the third song, its what happens when sleep deprived, a little stoned and playing on supercollider. ;)

im starting to be able to hear clearer so,if anyone is interested, i put up a new version with some adjustments

still not great but time to move on so its as good as its going to get.

sound pretty good to me, its hella strange but in a good way.

can’t really comment on the mix quality as the myspace player bit rate is … well… really crap.

watch those stutter loudness levels, usually you need to take out a bit volume when s-s-s-tuttering… to keep things balanced (ohnoos there’s that word again :D )

any change i could download your tunes and not sign up to myspace ? (btw virb.com is a really good alternative)

Thank you for your reply. I will make them available for download. I’m also looking into a virb account as well.
I will also try to watch the volume of my studders as well.