On-the-fly Changes - Lines Per Beat...


Quite a Newbie at Renoise. I chained myself on the chair last night and decided to get some hands-on experience with it. I think I have the basics figured out now. My good-old DOS nostalgia is once more fullfilled… AT LAST - keys to press and arrows to move around LOL;

My question now:

Let’s say I start a song, with some BPM/Speed setting which will give me 4 lines (therefore notes) per beat. To me, it means the smallest time division will be 1/4 of a beat.

Let’s say I get to a point in the song where the required duration is equivalent to 1/8 of a beat in duration (ex: a little arpegiation):

I can work out the math to change some parameters (like going from speed 6 to speed 3) around and get the 1/8 duration, BUT what I am after here is GOOD Practice to do this.

Intuitively, I am so tempted to keep parameters so that some “musically-sound mathematics” prevail, instead of a messy purely logical arrangement of settings which will produce the right timing.

To me, number 2 above is comparable to writing a messy program which works…

Any recommendations from the crowd?


Hello, and welcome to Renoise.com! :)

Speed settings is all about your own preferences… Some people like to create shuffle-effects by switching the speed back and forth every row or so, others prefer to keep it fixed on a high speed to get more resolution and “shuffle manually”. If your intuition tells you to work in a specific way, you should follow it; this isn’t API-programming… ;)

Tracking is so beautifully open-ended. Worrying about ‘good practice’ these days is kind of moot, since so few people actually release source modules anymore. Back in my mod days, I would use the most standard techniques and practices a lot, just because I was distributing mods. And no matter how many times I told people that Modplug CAN’T PLAY MY MODS CORRECTLY or that Winamp makes my mods sound like dog-puke, people didn’t listen.

Once I started releasing in module and mpeg, I opened up my technique a bit. (For a while I was a real smartass and made all my mods run completely backwards with Bxx and Cxx)

So my opinion says: whatever it takes to get it from your brain to our ears! :drummer:

Thanks for the reply folks,

I guess I was fighting against one of the very qualities of trackers!