On the main website, middle click doesn't work.

This has been bothering me a lot for a while now. Middle click typically opens a link in a new tab, but on the main website (not the forums) it just opens in that tab.

Can get that back to how it’s supposed to work?

Works for me so you better put what browser / OS you’re on

Ah. I could have sworn it was doing it in Firefox too, but I was mistaken. It doesn’t work in Chrome/Windows 7 64 though.

We haven’t done anything to deliberately prevent you from middle-clicking links on the website, so there’s nothing we can (very easily) fix or revert in that respect. I think it’s just Chrome being weird and interacting strangely with some Javascript on the site. I’ve taken a look at the event handlers on each page link, and it seems to be related to jQuery. On the links that don’t open correctly in a new tab, there is some extra click handler code attached. For whatever reason, FireFox handles this just fine (and I suspect other browsers do, too), but Chrome seems to interpret it strangely.

Chrome does things weird lately, I found the same trying to download a artist mixtape, was impossible in Chrome while in Firefox everything showed up perfectly. IE that I have to use at school btw (wouldn’t even want to ask anybody to change the forum for that but just saying) makes it impossible to close the sidebar on the forum on the right.

Ah. I figured it was something of the like. If it’s something more on Chrome’s side of things, then I suppose don’t worry about it. The Renoise website is the only place I’ve had it happen to me though, and it just stinks because I visit it a good deal.