On The Market Ofr An Ultraportable, Lightweight, Linux Setup For Audio

I’m interested in an ultraportable linux setup for some low-cpu audio apps (renoise, sunvox, pd, supercollider etc) as well as doing a bit of coding here and there on the go.

Two criteria:

  • ideally an ultralightweight setup < 2lbs (otherwise I might as well use my laptop)
  • good build quality (I’m willing to pay a premium for something that isn’t crappily made)
  • decent processing capability (will be doing some C++ hacking, and audio stuff… so I want to avoid the really low-end tablet/netbook options)

My ideal might be something along the lines of an ipad+keyboard case (like the kensington) running a stripped down ubuntu distro (or maybe crunchbang). My impression is that linux support on the ipad is still bleeding edge (makes me wonder a bit how well keyboard support + audio support will work with such a setup). So, anyone have other suggestions?

Keep an eye on Project Sputnik?

It doesn’t exist yet, though.