one automation is writing over another rather than using a new effects

how do you handle writing automation if the effects column is full of “right click drag” automations of one parameter, and you want to modulate a different parameter? it seems to overwrite the same column rather than make a new one.

its probably as difficult to understand my question as it is for me to describe it.

sometimes i want to write automation using interpolation or whatever, and for example, wish to do a midi pitch bend, but one overwrites the other.

am i being clear enough?

I mean, one can add several effects columns, but is there a way to assure that different parameter modulations dont overwrite each other?

so close.

Manually create a new effect column (by pressing the tiny ‘+’ above the effect column) and move the cursor into the new column.

The MIDI pitch bend command is a bit tricky to enter into columns, since it is composed from

instr.number - panning col. - effect column

If you need to more than one MIDI automation in a single track, I’d recommend adding a MIDI control device to the track, and use that instead. You can use graphical automation (envelopes) for those parameters, and get a more smoothly interpolated curve

I use the midi device controlled by the infamous inertia formula for pitch bends (now dooferizable for maximum tidiness, yay!). Works well for me.

But, I didn’t consider that mr. tools may be writing automation witha pitch wheel and not right clicks. If so, I don’t know a nice way to link the pitch wheel to anything that would make this work better. Other controllers are easy. But, spring centering sure is nice.

finally got around to trying this again.

the midi control effect is a tidy way to hide all those confusing numbers, but if i am performing the pitch bend thing and doing anything else, such as program changes, not using the mouse editable envelopes, but with the actual gear, it writes the other thing out, no matter where i have the cursor, theres only one column to put midi parameter changes. when im looped and performing, its basically wiping out what i did on the previous pass. cant make a new midi effect column it seems.