One Hour Compos

It’s be good is there some way you could alert use all to these compos . I’m in the Uk so I rarely check the forum past 9/10pm at night .

What would you suggest ilisity? Email Listserv? RSS feed? We’re planning to have a scheduling module in the compo system… once it gets set up, I don’t think it would be much issue to advertise in the forums in advance.

Who is distance?

I really hope it’s this distance?
Either way, that track is rad, I didn’t even realize you could do that lpb thing.

OHC ------today? :wacko:

Ask MickRip about this Moss… he’s in charge of the compobot now.

when i try to sign up,nothing happens?

Just go to and fill in #renoise for the channel name … as well as a nickname. poof… instant chattiness


Connect must have failed… happens once in a blue moon. try again?

happened all day yesterday :(

aah yeah! i mis those em411 quickits!! bl00rgH!

finally got on the chat…yesssssssssssssssssSSSSS!
OHC tomorrow lunch time! WHILE I’M AT WORK!

accountant? no way man

So, the only way to keep track of when an OHC is going down is to hang out on the IRC-channel all day? :unsure:



Heya BYTE I think the email listserv would help. =D Just this past compo i JUST missed it by the skin of my teeth. Thanks =D

\ :D/ \ :D/

We are having one at :00 (less than 20 minutes after this post)

It’s over again. I didn’t win. :(

But Eeter did :drummer: