One Hour Compos

Please see #renoise on for more details ;)

entries from the compo held yesterday:

haha! just checked these out… ^_^

can’t check details on mirc now, but I assume and hope “Stoned Bunny” won the thing.
best track, best title IMO

who made it?

please announce on the board next time a onehour compo is planned, would be fun to join sometime!

Stoned Bunny really is good!
The one who made that in just one hour has my rezpectz0rxz

I’ve been waiting for this for a while and now I missed it :(

When is the next OHC? I hope it’s tonight… anyway I’ll ask you guys on irc once I get back home.

Mickrip’s been testing the system out in #mod_shrine… but I’m sure if you bug him tonight, he’ll OHC in #renoise

OHC tonight at 6pm (eastern time) in #renoise

Should I make a whole new thread for it? I don’t think so.

Hopefully someone notices your announcement JBL :P

That’s just under 2 hours from now btw pplz

Should we do it a bit later?

Woo that was fun, when is the next one?

[b]Results and Entries

1st Renoise Compo[/b]

2nd Renoise Compo

4th?!?! Pooey! Not worth the drama!

I really wanted to take part last night, but it was quite past midnight in my timezone. I was way too sleepy even an hour before it was supposed to start. Some other time, perhaps.

I just had a listen to the tracks. Both MickRip’s and Distance’s tracks were rather exciting. Well deserved top spots! :walkman:

I want to take part, but i cant get onto the chat. My computer is corrupt.
No IRC clients work on it, no internet applications (other than firefox), smessed up.
Any chance of posting them up on the forum?

Moss, you can use a web based IRC client. Here’s one that seems rather decent:

I should point out that you had 3rd place until I saw that you called my track gutter music and I decided to test out Mick’s voting system a bit more… which wasn’t entirely serious on my behalf (though your comment did hurt my feelings… that’s why I told mick it’s not wise to link comments/votes to their posters)… I was simply being silly… just long enough till you saw it when I would change my results back to you being in second place on my list instead of dead last. But Mickrip has since fixed the bug and gone to bed.

MickRip: Can you rearrange my votes again so MMD is second on my list, so he’ll have his rightful 3rd place spot in the compo? And can you please also rename my track to “gutterMusic” so that everyone will know before having to listen to it? Thanks :)

Go to and click on “Chat” along the top of the page. It will take you automatically to the renoise chat channel. However, you’ll need java installed.

Apologies BYTE-Smasher. That wasn’t called for on my behalf and was an overreaction. Poor form on my part. Sorry.

Well sorry for acting like an ass on the voting screen… it seriously wasn’t meant to be permanent =\

Cheers Subset, Mibbit works, except i dont have a name…who needs a name anyway