One Licence, Two Computers.

Hi. I have a Renoise lic which I have been using on my PC for over a year now. Is it ok for me to run Renoise on both my computer and my laptop on a single licence? Or am I supposed to buy another for a second install?

It’s OK.

Sweet! I thought so, but I thought I’d make sure first.

you MUST buy another!!



the license is licensed to the licensee, so if you had 1 billion computers, ‘you’ the licensee could use renoise on all of them, and at the same time, for as long as you want.

But if I have 3 billion computers? :o

Phwew! Good. Because I was considering going out and buying 999,999,998 computers this weekend.

Yeah, I get that too quite often. Like few weeks ago, I though I’ll go out and buy myself 200,000 computers. Eventually I just bought beer.

Am I allowed to run 3 billions instances of Renoise on the same computer?

If your house is a computer.

The only reason I can never afford 1 billion computers when I need them. I kinda like the idea of my house being a giant computer running 3 billion instances of beer. I mean Renoise.

“Hal… open the fridge. Get me a beer.”

Is there a way to network 3 billion instances of renoise so i can get some of my favorite crazy synthedit vsts to run without taking over 50% of my cpu?

Not yet.

The distributed internet(ReCloudStorm)to midi Interface which was succeeded by LUA and OSC (XRNX) to the renoise brain interface(ReNeuro NTH), hasn’t quite made it into an alpha build.

I might as well post here since this one came up in the search.

So I’m working on some audio at work, on the work computer, which is not mine - is it ok if I install and use my registered copy of Renoise here? I could drag my laptop to work every day, but I’d rather not since there are computers here at work already. (Also the summer in Finland is quite rainy and I don’t have a proper bag for the laptop)

as long as you are the only person using Renoise on that computer, the license allows you to install Renoise on another person’s computer

Splendid! ^_^

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks you guys, I needed that laugh. At work… While straining to contain myself so my coworkers don’t think I’m crazier than they already do :)

Wow, I just realized the beginning of this thread isn’t quite current. Oh welll :)

I wouldn’t recommend doing that.
This is prone for leaking your copy if you leave the machine unattended and someone else can swiftly drain your copy on a stick and quietly move along.
You can also simply forget removing it.

Have you got a sound card with ASIO drivers at work?

Do you actually need to render at work?

If you can answer both these questions with a No why not just use the Demo?

The license agreement says:

So if you do install it on your work computer, you should password protect your account and log out whenever you’re away from the computer. If somebody is desperate enough to hack into your account to get a copy of Renoise, they should just go to instead