One more sample generator to add to the pile! Now with DRUMS + SFX

So, after creating that giant pile of online sample generators a while ago, I have one more to add - by the creator of WASFX is “WASGEN”, for all your old Yamaha OPL2-sounding FM/PM needs!


It’s beautiful - soft pianos, plucky guitars, and all so very ‘wrong’ because they’re created with FM/PM synthesis. Remember when you had your first MIDI program on your old Windows 95 computer? I do, and before I replaced the soundcard, this is what was built-in. So get out your favorite audio editor, and dump these dulcet tones into the Renoise sampler. Make your loop-points and tadaaaaaa! Now you’ve got the power of your old Yamaha soundcard.

Do it now :smiley:


Sweet! Thanks!

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Holy mama, I appreciate it! can even play the sound on the website with a keyboard

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@unconventionalmauric Heck yeah! It’s great, and you can edit the sounds a bit by messing with the code, check out Github for a little bit more understanding on that.

Now with drum-set sounds from the old OPL-3 FM synthesis of 90’s sound-cards!

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