One Not Zero

Is there a way to make the pattern start on “one” and not on “zero”, so that when I have 64 lines the last one reads 64 and not 63?

no, this is not possible, sorry

starting on zero seems to make more sense to me. i used to not think so, but think of it this way. the Line number that your on does not show you which line your on, but rather, how many lines have passed before that one. I’d rather have a new bar start on 16 than 17. that would be confusing to me… Though I have been using renoise for a while.

Zero is a number as well.

Also if we would use that type of logic, why should we not skip 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 as well, a personal idea that wonders me and at which a lot of teachers in the past made me look like a fool to ask such a ridiculous question.

I understand what you mean, but 0 doesnt represent anything, 10 and 20 etc do
Nice thing to think about tho’ :)

It’s the difference between whole numbers and natural numbers.
I guess I will get used to it. “and0,and1,and2,and3!”

Well having the option to configure it to start with on 1 would be good.

harsh. i don’t really think his original question was THAT ridiculous. technically if you think about it, most things in music do start on one. beat ONE of bar ONE of section ONE of track ONE on the FIRST disc…the only time zeros come into play is more when you get into computer language, everything starts at zero there. and also most sequencers (aside from trackers) do start on bar one and patterns start to lay on 1, 9, 17, 33, etc. you would have to be a complete idiot to not be able to figure out either method, be it 0’s or 1’s, but it’s not a ridiculous thought for some people to have a preference on either side.

“It hurts at first but it goes away as they said it would.” -Kyra -Chronicles of Riddick.


just kidding!

the whole basis of this is BASE 16 or HEXADECIMAL.

that’s why:

“It hurts at first but it goes away as they said it would.” -Kyra -Chronicles of Riddick.

makes sense.

wow was i totally off earlier!
pardon me.

the post above was meant to say:

the pattern sequencer, of previous renoise incarnations used the base 16/hexadecimal numbering system.

that is, until some wise guy got everybody to rise up and say:

YEAH! lets change it!

now, in the Preferences under GUI, toward the bottom third, you will see “Position Number Format” as having 2 options “HEX” & “DEC”.
with Decimal as default.

the zero was left i believe as a happy medium.

even though it may seem confusing compared to other non-tracker audio software.
it’s a proven fact it’s good for humans to exercise the contents of the brain case. :)

Wow, that is so true.

As a hex user it never occurred to me that the decimal representation was wrong (I don’t use decimal, I use hex), but this might be a bug in the decimal world?

When I started tracking, the software I used only allowed decimal. I had to memorize all the powers of 2.

4,8,16,32,64,128,256 ect.

as well as their harmonics.


I switched to HEX when I started using renoise and never ever ever looked back. Decimal is generally not suited to music. I really do like that the hex values start at 0x00