One Of My First Songs In Renoise!!

I have made it in Renoise 2.7 and i have use some samples. no vst or vst instruments :rolleyes: only renoise effects B)

Please write a comment about what you think about the song and what is bad in the song! ;)

quite easy listening this, so that is not bad. what i did think was offputting was the hi pitch notes of the “bass”-vocal…

i agree with endonyx, and think that those higher notes of that vocal might fit better if you make them a little less high, or maybe just more in tune?

also, try a more solo-approach to the ‘pwah pwah pwah’ vox vocal thingies. now, they all just continue in the same pattern. i’d like to hear more variation.

all in all, good track, sounds deep and polished, i enjoyed it.

Ok ^_^ Thanks for your feedback!! I agree with you when i listen to the track again :rolleyes: Also, as you say, more variation could be better! ^_^

Thanks again!

Hey nice track track here phaw phaw is great :)

good bassline :D

thanks everybody :D :D