One Preview And A Fundamental Fun-track

with my bb5 entry being one or two keystrokes away from being finished, i’ve been in the need of something more controversial for a change and spent one afternoon each, on what is linked below.
both tracks are quite not my usual business, so criticism and comments from you fellas is strictly mandatory :)

both “songs” still lack some spice and sugar and most probably also some other ingredients.
oh and of course something which is commonly called “arrangement” :>

informal speech felt like it wanted to go somewhere more intense at a few points, good groove, interested to see what results from this if anything.

our sanctuary has several freaky/cool components i like, especially in the vocal sample integration.
Bass didnt come through very well on my speakers though.

informal speech is very well arranged… however, there is something in the mixing i don’t like… probably too uncertain stereo, probably the reverbs, probably the distorted (un-)basses, i just can’t put my finger on it. but the content itself is pretty brilliant. why is it FUNtrack anyway? i didnt notice the joke :P

same goes (about basses) for your sanctuary :) the bassline reminds me on the one you used in ‘into the unknown’


Let me repeat some of my words said on IRC.

informal speech:

Love especially the nasty vocals, very squelchy and lofi. Though this track has an own touch overall, i agree somehow with nagz, that the mix is sounding kinda hollow.

our sanctuary:

This one sounds very nice so far. Really love the dark depressing athmosphere. The bass suffers from the same hollow mixing like in your other track. The vocals are kinda cheesie, but well, they fit. :)

Finish this one!

Informal Speech is SICK!

You need to finish it…
I loved the processed sounds…so nice…
But, I think you need to have the bass and drums a little more distinct in the mix.


nice effects/automations in informal speech, I dug.

our sanctuary, beat is pretty light…compared to the mood the bass is setting…I’d ditch that beat for something else, more wicked. I like the vocals, would fit a rave breakbeat track better imo, but maybe you was going for that dubstep/grimey sound?

absolutely agree on the vocals criticism - they originate from an '93ish eurodance track actually. i just stumbled across the acapellas and felt like doing something with’em… they give the whole a decent cheese-factor i partially like … but well, just partially - guess i’m gonna ditch them.

cannot agree to your comment concerning the beat/drums though. they absolutely sound the way i wanted them to be.

probably overdid the verb on the drums a bit, you’re right.

hollow mixing… i understand the bass could need a bit more punch, but hmm… there’s way less reverb involved here if you’re referring to that by saying “hollow” ?

i assume you’ve also been wanting to put your fingers on the verbed drums… so less should be more here.
i was mentioning the whole thing as a “funtrack” because i was just freaking around on some FX and the whole tune consists of 2 tracks alltogether and was made in just two or three hours (that’s little amount of time for my slow-ass standards).

yup, the bass is pretty guilty here. =)

thanks for the feedback everyone.

Woaa man… you kick ass! I love what I’m hearing right now