One Question About Renoise 2 And Other In General

Hello, I downloaded de RC1 of Renoise 2 about some moments ago to see the improvements. I saw new cool things, like the Ring Modulator and the Filter 3. Great at that time, but I wonder what does the process “Activating new song” when I request to the program to load a stored song. You see, this process seems to be too heavy on my PC, increasing the loading time to, I don’t know but more than 5 min for a song that Renoise 1.9.1 load in 1 minute or less. Anyway I coulndn’t load the song, I got tired waiting. The song didn’t use modified DSP and only contains external VSTi, some external DSP and built-in DSP like the bus compressor, maximizer, delay and phaser.

Also, about the mpReverb2, I wonder why the algoritm doesn’t make a 50-50 mix when the with control is switched to mono, the algoritm uses only the rigth channel, and when the source is on the left one, the reverb doesn’t process any signal. I know that there are ways to make this work, using more that one DSP, but, then why is that option on the mpReverb2?

So, no one know nothing about this. No one use a mono reverb.