one shot mode for triggering samples

so when ever i press a pad on my padkontrol i have to have my finger on the pad until the whole sample plays out or itll cut off when i just tap it. id like to be able to tap it and have it just play out. how can i easily implement this to all of my samples or if i have to do it one by one then how do i do that?

First, open the envelopes and set the release to 0. Now make the envelope just a straight line across the top. Finally, set the NNA on the samples to be continue.

edit: Release to 0, not max. Also you have to make the envelope long enough to account for the length of the sample if the sample is too long.

You just need to activate the volume envelope. Tick the box and draw your desired envelope.

If you don’t want the samples to cut each other, set NNA to “continue”.

You can perform this on several samples by shift-clicking and selecting multiple samples in the sample list. However, you can’t perform these changes on several instruments at once (natively, that I know of).

appreciate homies <3

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i love how i have the option to have the samples cut each other or not.

…or fade into each other, or…? (insert anything they’re gonna come up with in the future!!)

Actually, the first tracker to have this NNA thing was Impulse Tracker. In its time (1995-96) it was legendary. Still is, actually :D