One-shot samples in main window

Another beginners question :slight_smile:

Is it possible to trigger sliced loops (slices) as one-shot in the main pattern window? I know it can be done in the phrase editor, but it could be handy in the main pattern windows also.


-Sxx command. xx for slice number.


Yes, that works :slight_smile: Sxx commands along the ruler. But, I was thinking of playback as a drumkit: "C5 = slice 1, “C5# = slice 2”. I found out that it works in the main pattern window. It must have been a setting I missed out. Yesterday I only managed to do it in the phrase editor.


Normally this should also work without any command. After slicing your sample loop you can see this in the sampler on which note the the slices are set.

You also can change the notes for triggering from the keys of choice in the keyzones view of the sampler.


Thanks for your help and images. I see now that my post could have been more accurate. With one-shot, I was thinking that a triggered slice would stop playing at the beginning of the next slice. Just like in the waveform window. If you hold a key down in the pattern or phrase window. The slice will retrigger.

But it is not a big deal :slight_smile: It is just to become customized to release a key fast enough so the sample is triggered just one time.

Just click on the individual slices to set their loop behaviours.

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I had the slices set to No Loop in my settings.

I found out what happened. If the edit mode is set to on, the sample will retrigger in the pattern window. So, to practice a musical phrase before recording. It is best to turn edit mode off.