One Try

I just tried to do something with vocals. There’s just an end to find and of course the mastering (as usual) is not perfect ;)

I miss the talkbox effect.

Nice voice, dopefish! Who is it? Could have some accompany (2nd and 3rd voice). I’d put a slight chorus on it to hide the autotune-effect. I guess it’s not your aim to show it.
The percussions probably need some work. Especially the BD has too much mids and too few bass. And the handclaps have too few mids.
A melody doesn’t really exist yet. It’s more a mixture of some arpreggios. Try to use something different than the standard gated saws and compose a unique melody. The vocals deserve something special.
I know that you can do some good since “Back to you”.
But all in all. The chord progression fits, the bassline fits, the vocals are beautiful. Not bad. ;)

First of all, thanks for the feedback - I will “re edit” the whole thing, then :)

The Vocals are from Time4Base but I am currently working with a nice and marvellous girl… If she wouldn’t look so nice :D then we would’ve recorded some vocals. Now we only have videotape… but that’s another story ;)

So, I guess, I will start my Renoise again and rework :)

Vocals and melodys are very nice so far, but i think your used synths are somewhat thin sounding and not really attracting.

Just for the record