Oneshot Samples !

Help needed!
I have some drum samples and and couple of lp’s but what I look for
are single hit samples, especially acoustic, like guitar, orchestra, trumpets,choirs etc etc
to use them as innstruments.
Synth sounds are welcome too ofcourse.
I have googled pretty much half of the internet but I can’t find it.
Could someone please please hook me up with single hit samples?

Probably the samples are located in second half on internet - for example the one under “oneshot sample” query in google :) ← I tried

Did you check freesound?

Yes I checked freesound , but I’m more looking for packs than single sounds .
A lot of these sounds on their site I find not that nice.
Maybe I have to buy a pack, but which one?
There so much &*# on the net.