online help

having used renoise for about a year, i realised that i had absolutely no idea what 80% of the sliders on the various DSP effects did. what would’ve been great is either a brief description in the status bar, or if some effects are too hard to describe, a little [?] icon near the [<] [>] [x] buttons, which links to the relevant section of the help file, which should be viewable within renoise (ft2 did this).

also, the help file could be laid out more intuitively - i didn’t realise there was a run-down of every single DSP effect/slider.

this same ‘technology’, if it isn’t already there, could be used to include a song message editor. a good one. with ability to import txt files. :)

i think this would make the program a LOT less intimidating for newbies.

Couldn’t agree more :)
Online help is already on The List.
(But it won’t be there for the next release, anyway.)

That should remove all those “where is the manual” requests too…

I’m a ReNoise user since a lot of time and I must say it ROCKS!! :drummer:

I have a question about it:
there is a little label appearing on the bottom of the screen saying “tip of the day…” but if I press it, nothing happens. :o

Has this anything to do with multitip of the delay? :unsure:

I’ve also searched for it on the manual but found nothing :(



tips of the day are silly anyway