Online private tutors for Renoise? Or In-person Los Angeles area?

I notice that there are on-line tutor session for all other DAWs. Through sites like Wyzant or you can pay a fee for private help. Is anyone willing to do that for Renoise? This could be a good way to make extra cash but i cant find anyone who does it.

ya, I give lessons :slight_smile:
hit me up via pm

Sorry i cant seem to find where to private message you . can you PM me ?


Click on the user name, you should get a popup thing

Thank you James. But i guess im having a technical issue here. Im not getting the message option when i click on the username .

I think it’s because you’re new in this forum. I think zensphere has to write you a pm.

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Ok .Thanks

pm’ed :upside_down_face: