Online storage recommendations

I want to back up my sample/instrument libraries online,does anybody here have any recommendations at all?The library would be quite big,I’m not sure of the exact size though.

Google Drive or Google Google drive alternatives … did I say Google?

… or set up a NAS drive at your parents place

Google drive seems very reasonable,I may just go with that

Google drive allows up to 8 gig , back in the day I created multiple Gmail accounts just to have more storage space :
In te end I just got me a samsung T7 1 terabyte ,super slick design , ultrafast and cheap as chips

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Downside of managing your own storage is having to do backups of this storage and watching for drive failures.

Upside: It’s yours! And you can make it as large as you can manage/afford. Data transfer is going to be faster, too (I assume; I’ve not tested this).

It says on the site,that it starts at 100Gb for 1.99 a month.pretty good,I have external drives,it’s more keeping the files online I want,just in case an accident happens,my whole house could burn down and I wouldn’t care so long as I had all my files.

Every free Google account comes with 15 GB of storage these days.

That storage can be shared across Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc.

So it’s quite a good way to try things out if if you don’t want to fully commit.

You can always upgrade your storage limits later with a paid plan if you like it.

I personally have the paid 2 TB Google One plan to dump all my important crap online, but that’s just me… :slight_smile:

Im gonna need 2 TB by the looks of things,even with stripping folders out and what not,how do you find the service?

I personally love it, but I’ve always been a bit of a Google fan boy.

I’ve had my Gmail/Google account for ages, and upgraded to a paid account a few years ago when I needed a bit more space and just wanted to simplify/unify everything. Haven’t looked back since then.

I’ve got a couple of Google Pixel phones, my Windows desktop, Windows laptops, MacBook Pro, and ChromeBook all seamlessly backing up and syncing important stuff to my Drive. So it’s pretty much a no brainer for me. It Just Works™

(PS: Congratulations on picking a username that is almost impossible to include in the default forum quoting function, haha… evil!)

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Excellent,well I’m no where near as fancy as that,so i think ill go with this then.Cheers!

Don’t jump on this offer, it appears to be a bad service…
Bunch of bad reviews:

Thanks for the advice but i already got the 2tb deal on Google Drive