Only An Idea For Collab Compos...

i wonder how many people would be interested in a sort of ad-hoc collab compo… you pick your buddy or if not one is picked for you? how the product (song) is handled between the two of you is between the two of you. does anyone think this might increase compo productivity or would at least be fun enough to try?

Yeah it sound like fun! im in! :)

would like to take part in it

I love the idea, socially and musically sound.

i like the idea too. (well, obviously, or i wouldn’t have posted it.) maybe having a team-up will make people feel more dedicated to working on an entry. if anything, you are a bit obligated to your mate, right? it would also give folks something to do with their 1 pattern loops/riffs/beats they are always tweaking but complaining they can’t make into anything song-wise.

but 4 people still doesn’t seem like enough… only 2 groups… damn. i dunno what to do about that.

maybe i should cross post on fruity loops or buzz church or something and see if 2 or 4 of them wanna too?

so now i have teams and territorial pride and us vs. them going on and it sounds like sports. the synth geek in me recoils… never mind.

I’m down.


Count me in as well.

count me in =)

count me in

I’m in!

i am in too !



I’d like to try :)

I’d try my hardest but not very good at finding time when I not (or at least shouldn’t be) busy doing other things (although I do admit procrastination often gets in the way.)

Or I’m willing to try and help run it in any way I can too…

I’m down. It sounds like a great idea.

i’d like to join as well. please consider that i only have time for tracking in the weekends though…

@The Witch Kings: seems you got a lot more people joining now. have you already begun thinking about setting up some kind of system for this (rules etc.)?

Only problem, as I see it, is that if you get teamed up with someone that su… isn’t that good, like me, then wouldn’t it halt a little?

Other than that it sounds like a sweet idea.

Think of it as a challenge, after all it’s just for fun isn’t it?

True… and one can always learn something new out of it too. :)

wow i didn’t see this thread. yes i’m in too!! :)