Only send Midi Clock while Renoise is playing

I’d like Renoise to only transmit MIDI clock while it is actually playing/recording. Currently it transmits it all the time continuously. This is a problem when using external hardware such as analogue sequencers, as they will just run all the time they are receiving a clock. Most analogue sequencers don’t have any way of making use of the start/stop messages that are sent.

I can’t understand why its transmitted continuously, I can’t think of any uses that require that.


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The running Clock confuses me also long time

.) Rules: There is no detailled regulation that the clock MUST run while stop mode, but the MIDI Spec 1.0 is aware, that this may be required, due to the reasons I mentioned in #1.
Quote from page 36 of the MIDI spec, Version from February 1990: “…If Timing Clocks (F8H) are sent during idle time they should be sent at thecurrent tempo setting of the transmitter even while it is not playing. Receivers which are slaved to incoming Real Time messages (MIDI Sync mode) can thus phase lock their internal clocks while waiting for Start (FAH) or Continue (FBH) command. […]”

Clocks are send also while not playing to avoid “hickups” when starting to play. This especially is a problem when changing the tempo which the playback is stopped.

I can see though that it can be useful NOT to send clocks while being stopped, but this behaviour should be an option and then and disabled by default.


Thanks @taktik, an option not to send clocks while stopped would be a very welcome addition.

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