Only Some Vsts Will Be Found After Scanning

Hi, sorry if this has already been brought up but I could not find anything about it.

Once I set my VST directory, Renoise will scan it and only come up with less than half of the VSTs present in the folder. I know at least some of the missing ones ought to be compatible since I got some of them from the “Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins” thread. I’m running Windows 7 and have full security access to the VST folder. This has been an issue for me with the past few versions of Renoise, but right now I’m running 2.5.1. I can’t find any discernable difference between the working and non-working VSTs, other than I believe the working ones were obtained before the rest, possibly meaning that something I did at some point caused this.

Any feedback is appreciated; thank you.

Oh yeah, and there is a similar issue posted a few slots below me regarding error messages when loading VSTs, but when my Renoise is scanning, the name of the missing VSTs don’t come up at all and it is error message free.

That is not specifically a guarantee, some plugins posted there date back a long time, a lot can be changed meanwhile:in plugin or Renoise.
You can try to rename the config.xml and VstPlugins.db database and rebuild the config and plugin database from scratch if all else fails:
Try also to check the “Rescan previously failed plugs” option in the misc menu before rescanning everything.