"Only the Strobes"

This is a new renoise track I did during the past couple of days. It is meant to mimic the style of warehouse rave techno that made me fall in love with electronic dance music in the late 90’s. I hope it gets somebody’s head bobbing or booty moving. Feedback always appreciated and thanks for listening.

nice, i like the lead sounds =)


I don’t know a whole lot about this style of music, but to me it feels like the kick is a bit too loud in the mix. The percussion seems to squash out the melodic content going on.

Thanks delt. I will try to upload the xrns or if you send me an email I will just email it to you.

Hyaenaboy–The kick is pretty loud in the mix and this was intentional for the style I was shooting for. But I always appreciate knowing what other’s ears are telling them about what sounds unbalanced. I probably could come off the kick a bit…but not too much :) Although the melodic content is minimal to begin with, I will look out for drowning things out too much in future mixes. Many thanks for listening and your feedback.