Op-1 Released

Once upon a time I was really hyped up about the day I could get one, now not so much. It’d still be fun to get one but a bit too much cash to cough up. Thought I’d post it here, I doubt stocks will last very long this first period.


I’d buy it for $150,-
$800,-… no f’in way.

if they would get some freaks or talented artists to show the true capabilities of it. i may be interested.
but what ive seen so far were some sub-par performences by the OP- staff.
the promotion is a bit bad, … sadly.

and just in case, please dont even talk about a certain music video of a known house trio.
nice pictures, thats it.

unrelated: how could a so hardly photoshopped girl still have so evident bags under her eyes? too much nights spent playing with op-1?

I saw this thing in 2010 at NAMM. I though it was pretty fucking cool.

Boutique style. Cool guys who worked hard on the design and functionality with years of revisions and research, including finding the right market and price; which IMHO has more to do with scalability of their business than anything else. It’s for early adopters and collectors looking for something quite unique overall.

It’s the difference between a designer toy and a similar no-name toy you could get at the dollar store.

It seems a tad overpriced though, and i agree with everybody else: there’s not a really good promotion going on, i can’t really see the potential.


Too expensive.

Very neat controller. Of course it’s over priced…that’s kinda the whole point. Your paying for the fact that it’s not another crappy mass produced m-audio controller.

disclaimer: i’ve no interest beyond the passing in this, i’m suspicious of the sounds, and i don’t think think i’d buy it.

BUT, the price sounds right to me. this is a small run, highly engineered, high quality piece of tackle. it’s being done in a small quantities which necessarily means it’s going to cost a bit a coin. and they’re obviously not cutting corners in production values, which will add to costs.

the only way this could scale down to say 200 bucks or so (presuming the build quality is as high as i think it is) is to put in a HUUGE order for manufacturing. this kind of company wouldn’t have that capital, and the market probably doesn’t exist for it, hence the small runs.

would love to have a play with one though.

The guy behind lsdj worked on it, I was hoping a built in little tracker but sadly no…

the absence of line-out sound sample makes me feel the same, they were some recordings in their blog but they seems to be deleted.
several sound samples in their soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/teenageengineering

Agree that I think the price is right, for them. Not me. Right now there’s probably enough audionerds that’d buy the limited supply they have at that price. I was almost one of them actually… although I am too not so sure about the sounds, but I get sold on looks easily.

I had to post this though… I find it hilarious… ly bad.

I bet the inner side of his palm the day after read: ‘Note to self: Don’t drink and promote.’

too expensive for a toy

yeah it is expensive , but you get some quality Engineered hard ware …not some plastic korg keyboard …
I haven’t heard the op -1 in person , so I can’t really comment on the soundquality , but it seems that it is capable of multiple synthesis methods , subractive , fm , fairly basic modal synthesis …so I wouldn’t call it a toy .;
Just an expensive niche product

It’s sold out :rolleyes:

If you look carefully at this site they seem to ask a high price for a lot of stuff.
I know people in Japan are more wealthy so for us these prices are rediculous.
Well, at least you can buy a lamborghini for an affordable price…

Funny that the contrast with cheap korg gear got bought up, because I’ve yet to see an op-1 demo that can hold a candle to any of these toys:

My link
My link
My link
My link

(or pretty much any denkitribe video)

I want to like the op-1, but the jury’s still out for me. That ad with the model just kicked the pretentiousness/nerdiness(not the good kind of nerdiness) up to a whole new level. This thing doesn’t even have velocity sensitive keys as far as I can tell. So far my impression is that they have too many designers and engineers and not enough musicians involved in the development.

It’s not (only) a controller, it’s a (multi) synth/sequencer.

Then why have they made it look like cheap plastic crap? Fisher-Price style knobs. Mini-jack input and output. Yeah looks really professional and highly engineered NOT! Look we’ve even added an FM Radio to it, aren’t we cool. G-Force Sensor so you can wave the thing around your head too.

But it does have an aluminium case and they claim to have used high quality swiches and encoders. Plus USB2 (even the latest MPCs and Virus IT2 uses USB1.1 believe it or not) although it seems only for data transfer, no audio interface (its 4 tracks) built in. Still seems more gimicky toy than even close to a serious tool to me though. Not to say I would say no to having a play with one. When I first saw them announced a year or whatever ago I thought it looked as if it could be good…

Still possibly nicer to use and more versatile than something like the QY100 though.

One other thing that’s baffling is this part of the 4-track specs:

6 minutes recording time in Normal tape speed.
Up to 24 minutes recording time in Low tape speed

So split into 4 tracks worth of audio, it sounds like there’s enough recording time to work on at most 1 or 2 (short) songs at a time…?