Open *.* As Sample

Yes, i think i m the only one needing that, but i d like to load Wav as Mod and also Mod as Wav. and what about the UNSIGN command ? :slight_smile:
( ft2 had them…)

i dont think it s soo difficult.
instead of giving an error, give a bunch of noize…

that useful for making distortion ( i guess you ll find that the gabba community is still in love with ft2’ effets)


You can already load any raw file as a sample.

In the Disk Browser > Sample area, there’s a . icon.

Wow, you’re on a crusade or something? I seem to recall a similar post of the MilkyTracker Forum. ;)

To add on it this… you can even set a few general options in case you import old or different audio formats (like .smp):

Raw audio import options

  • Bits - Set bit-rate of the raw sample (8 - 32 bit, signed and unsigned) (if you know it)
  • Samplerate - Set the sample-rate of the raw sample (if known)
  • Skip headerbytes - Skip headerbytes that are not part of the sample, yet unrecognizable by Renoise
  • Big Endian - Trigger between Little Endian stored or Big Endian stored sample data.