Open-Closed Hi-Hat

I just started using Renoise, so this may be obvious.

How do you set up a hi-hat in Renoise so that the open hi-hat gets choked only by a closed hi-hat trigger?

I’ll explain exactly how I’ve gone about setting up the drum kit. Perhaps I’m going about this totally the wrong way. However, I’ve gotten everything else to work except the hi-hat.

I’m using the Kit-Real.xrni and have set all samples NNA = continue and Loop = Foward. I’m using a Drumkat to trigger the samples. I currently have the Drumkats gate time set to 0.020s. The gate time transmits note off.

I’ve tried setting gate time on Drumkat to off so no note offs are sent and tried various other options with NNA and Loop in Renoise but can not seem to get the hi-hat to choke only when a closed hi-hat is triggered.

With the Drumkat set as mentioned above the hi-hat works correctly for instance with a Korg M3 and an Alesis SR-16.


Why have you got Loop=Forward?

You’re right to look at NNA settings. If you have your hats as NNA=Note Off or Note Cut and play the hats in the same Column then you should hopefully get what you want.

To solve this i would set the open hi-hat to NNA = cut. Use two columns on your track, and when you want the hi-hat not to be cut put it in its own column.

In case you have your percussions on different tracks, you would have to solve it by cutting the open hi-hat manually with a “F0” command in the vol column.

But as of yet there are no Mute Groups so you can never get it only to be stopped by the other Hats!

EDIT: Didn’t expect another replay so quickly so hoped this would be appended to my last reply, it’s not a reply to JJ above.

[s]don’t know if this is any help but… my cheap performance pad has two pads, of which one cuts the other off and trigger the closed hihat pad’s sound if you either step on the hihat pedal or if you hit the closed hihat pad. maybe you can set this property and be rid of the complications in renoise (=

the drumkat is way better so they must’ve thought about this, surely[/s].

edit: i’m not so sure i’ve gotten this to work in renoise. it works with the native sounds and ad but i haven’t tried it in renoise. i guess this functionality lies in the sample playback with choke groups.

but there must be some kind of routing for this to work so that just a certain sound cuts the open hat. wasn’t there a script for routing midi notes… that might work. oh, i feel i’m not terribly helpful atm :P

instead of loop forward i think you’d want to set up the volume envelope in continuous high and loop that, then turn the ‘sustain’ off in that envelope. just a few days ago i saw a vid, i think from vV, where he explains midi routing and it’s possible to set up the drumkit loosely (you might have to extract the (hat) samples into different instruments) and route different samples to different tracks. then if you make the hats all go in the same channel, you can drum live and set the NNA’s to cut or off (if sustain is off i think these 2 are the same)

Thanks all for the replies. Just getting back with this after looking at the posts and messing around a little more with Renoise and Drumkat. As far as I can tell it doesn’t look like it’s possible to only cut the open hi-hat sample when a foot or closed hi-hat sample is played. I’m a little surprised this isn’t possible. Seems like a needed function for anyone wanting to track drums live using Renoise instrument.

kazakore and E.H.V.A.H. SDC:

I’m using loop forward so that sample plays from beginning to end. It looks like the ways I can do it is use loop forward, use a volume envelope as E.H.V.A.H. SDC mentioned, never transmit note off from Drumkat, or set Drumkat gate time (transmits note off) equivalent to samples play back time.

Setting loop forward seemed to be the easiest as each other method had drawbacks. With loop forward all I had to do was select all samples in instrument and set loop forward once and I was done.

Using a volume envelope as E.H.V.A.H. SDC mentioned would work but requires more work because I would have to set envelope time for each sample equal to the samples time. And besides being a little more time consuming its also trial and error to get the timing correct.

Never transmitting note off from Drumkat is easy enough, but I wasn’t sure if this has any negative impact on Renoise other than the notes still showing up in the Sample Keyzones screen as on. Perhaps this would also mess up Autoseek but haven’t tried it yet. I know that the Korg M3 gets hosed up after a while if I don’t transmit note off data.

Setting the gate time on Drumkat would require the same process as setting up a volume envelope in Renoise but even more time consuming because I would have to adjust it for every pad on the Drumkat every time the samples changed such as loading a different drum instrument in Renoise, or create a large number of kits in the Drumkat.

E.H.V.A.H. SDC if you can post link to video by vV to get more ideas that would be appreciated. I searched but could not find it.


Looked through Drumkat manual at the different hi-hat setups but didn’t seem to find anything that would solve this problem. Drumkat it really programmable, way more then I use. I’m guessing that the open hat choke thing is usually taken care of in the sound module. This is the first time I’ve come across this problem.

Joel Johansson:

I’m horrible when it comes manually programming things. So basically I was looking to play the drum loops live which is where this problem stems from.

Thanks again for responses and any other suggestions would be appreciated. Perhaps I should add a feature request for mute groups (is that what it is called, mute groups?). Not sure how many other people would benefit for something like this and in what other ways it could be used.