Open Hihat Sounds Horrible - What to Do?

I’ve tried to arrange the open hihat in the proper position. If I put it exactly on every 12th line it sound too late. I want the sound of the drummer hitting the open hihat and then closing it with his foot. My sample is right but the timing is off. If I put it every 11th line it comes in too early.

Check out my Renoise file for a laugh. It’s supposed to sound like this.

I know a pro will be able to diagnose this in half a millisecond. I tried Google but there’s too much lost in the noise when you search Open Hihat.

Looks from the vid, the first open hihat should be on line 14 second on 30 …46…62

That’s a cool option, that helps.

I’ll admit I was a tiny bit disappointed there was no bass/backing with that drummer soundwave. I heard…

(see hi_hat idea in sig)

But there again after my silly effort, maybe it’s best just to have a solo drummer :slight_smile: