Open Music Creation Format !

Hey, as i often as to make music with other people that they have ableton, fl studio or anything else what if renoise could be a pionneer and devellop an open format where no licence apply and any develloper can use. imagine sharing the same file between renoise in ableton ! Or ableton in renoise !

This format would be kind of like a midi file with array of instruments and samples and automation. Very much like the xrns format but with open documentation. The file will contain samples but no virtual instrument and in case the client that open the file could replace it.

What do you guys think, i am talking to develloper and users. is it to much work ? is it worth it ? i want to know if this is possible to happen in my lifetime !

First of all, “I think its brilliant.” I think it can be an option in your Save As. For example, when you save something in Microsoft Word, you can select from a variety of file types, “txt, word, pdf,” etc.

So I think having a file type, “.xyz,” and allowing a function inside of SOnar, Renoise, Cubase, Ableton, etc’ can save as .xyz is brilliant. IMHO, I do not think this is so far from the concept of vst, and rewire, both of which work with a whole basket of DAWs.

That said, “I think this poses a huge engineering challenge.” Exactly how big, I do not know… Cause I’m not a dev.

It just seems like you would have to decide, “what to do about vst info, midi info, what would be saved, what could be loaded, read and converted by each specific daw.”

Interesting… imho

I don’t see why the Renoise developers should have to make any effort to meet anyone half-way. I could see an open format similar to Renoise’s XML-based XRNS format though.

Other DAW developers are slowly moving to open formats as well, so i suspect we will have transcoders quicker than import / export formats.
And most DAW developers would say: Use the midi export option. Which is the only common thing that Renoise is currently lacking.