Open-source album 'Further Beyond Serendipity' [foot281]


Renoise has been my main music production tool for many years. After not having been active for a while, Renoise has called me again, and I have created an album of ten bitpop tracks.

The album was first released on Bump Foot (, a Japanese netlabel. I then additionally published it on YouTube with screen‑recordings of Renoise playing the tunes. Also, the XRNS files have been published. A list of the softsynths used―all of them free―can be found in the infotext inside the archive (and below).

The XRNS files and the YouTube playlist may be found here:

Artist: The Hardliner (
Album: Further Beyond Serendipity
Release date: 22 September 2019
Label: Bump Foot (
Original release URL:
Catalog number: foot281

The eleven files listed below constitute the open-source release of above album and are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

├── 00-the_hardliner_-_further_beyond_serendipity.txt
├── 01-the_hardliner_-_feline_population.xrns
├── 02-the_hardliner_-_all_things_equally_serene.xrns
├── 03-the_hardliner_-_beach_memories.xrns
├── 04-the_hardliner_-_chance_encounter_matrix.xrns
├── 05-the_hardliner_-_choco_azahara.xrns
├── 06-the_hardliner_-_devoid_of_harmony_pollution.xrns
├── 07-the_hardliner_-_first_exposure_to_a_new_colour.xrns
├── 08-the_hardliner_-_flexing_the_right_muscles_right.xrns
├── 09-the_hardliner_-_hidden_note_innuendo.xrns
└── 10-the_hardliner_-_rainy_day,_tennis_court.xrns

The album was created using Renoise V3.1 ( and the following free softsynths:

├── Charlatan (
├── Dexed (
├── helm64 (
├── SQ8L (
├── Synth1 VST64 (
└── Tunefish4 (

The samples were mostly taken from the SoundTracker 'ST-XX' sampledisks and the set of waveforms that come with MusicLine Editor, all of which can be found on Aminet (

--thl 20191007