Open Source Surge VST/AU Synth

(trueschool) #1

I just discovered the open source Surge VST/AU synth. Just opened it up and am already LOVING the wide variety of high-quality, useful presets. Check it out.


i’ve tried last night to run it but no luck. Surge seems installed and all OK, it is located in ordinary path for vst and AU on my mac, and renoise still cannot see it. Can someone help?

  • tried re-scanning , re-starting renoise, etc :confused:

  • just tried in reaper but it constantly crashes daw when i close surge AU plugin (preset management doesn’t work and it doesn’t play at all when loaded in reaper)

  • as vst2 it acts fine in reaper

(ffx) #3

Hm, the vst2 version works fine here, on R3.11 and 10.13.4. Did you check Renoise blacklist database? Is there an entry in the Renoise log about the failed scanning?

I try to avoid to use AUs in Renoise at all anymore, since it is broken in general.

(trueschool) #4

I’m on a Mac too and also can’t see the AU. I’m just using the VST2. (Wow that rhymes)


@ffx nothing in log related to surge, i’m on 3.1.1 as well. Deleting cached content showed me surge upon restarting renoise
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That is missing graphics files? Did you install those support files into that user(?) sub dir? I remember I did so, manually. esp if you had an old verison before, check, if it should be placed into general /Library or ~/Library instead.

(ffx) #7

Btw there currently is voting time in OSC #122, only using Surge:

(LofiMat) #8

Not sounding that bad but thats some ugly 80ties interface and mad uninspiring too. Does this one sound better than serum or omnisphere or look better?

(ffx) #9

You just need Serum and OTT, don’t you know??

(trueschool) #10

This reminds me - I notice that some plugins allow you to select a preset from within Renoise’s plugin menu rather than using the external editor (aka the plugin GUI). I have a lot of plugins that don’t support this - anyone know what a plugin developer would have to do to enable this kind of integration? Since this is an open source project, there’s always the hope that it could be developed…

(LofiMat) #11

if you programm me Open Source Surge with a nice OTT GUi than I’ll buy that.:sweat_smile:

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(ghostwerk) #13

I’m also having this exact GUI issue on OSX, i’m not sure where to find these resource files or where to place them once i’ve found them. any progress?

(orrigans) #14

The sound is nice, but the interface is horrible.

I don’t really care about presets, I like to roll my own sounds so if I don’t gel with the interface it’s a no-go for me. But it’s free and open source so maybe someone can make a better GUI?

I had to uninstall after getting frustrated clicking on tiny buttons and trying to figure out how to set up a sequence…

(ffx) #15

Just get some glasses? Nah, I think you can scale up the size in the settings :bulb: