I get 4 results. Two of them are the same. So that’s 3 unique results in total.

hold on I’ll show you what I get.

weird img tag not working.

Just so you know, OpenBook is only capable of fetching results from your own country, so the results WILL very.

hmm no kidding, I see what you mean now. NL only brings up 2.

Are you referring to the guy trying to find a copy of Renoise?

haha i got that one. USA. USA.

I got 8 unique results. the first is by a guy asking the following:

with my special forensic software i was able to reverse engineer the picture.

get this guy in the cuffs!

i’m guessing he already is in the cuffs, tied up naked in a darkroom somewhere.

haha sort of, but not so much really,
for that part it was more of a how does this guy not know the demo is practically unbroken “slash” what a cheap ass!? xD
I guess I felt a certain kind of pride in it though seeing that he couldn’t find a cracked version.

mostly the reason for posting was just, “oh look! this is kind of interesting”. :P

then from posting I found out from noby that regions are separated in some manner either within facebook or through openbookface, so that was even more interesting.
I can’t seem to get the name right, I realized later I even messed up the title. :D

were you using a proxy or did you go straight to it?
When I was going through NL I only got 2 results.

somehow from the looks of it, he is also probably enjoying himself. ô.0

it was a simple, “naked” search from Italy. Maybe that’s because it showed him :)

think he knows we are watching him now?