OpenGL shaders and music as art.

Howdy everyone, ok, so what is this about? Well, I’ve always had a fascination for music and abstract visuals being played together. The “travel sequence” from 2001: A Space Odyssey blew me away as a kid.

Oskar Fischinger was early pioneer in this field and his work, along with other pioneers, is an inspiration to me. Oskar accomplished his works using colored paper and cardboard, fine wire and stop motion photography.

I’ve wanted to use more modern methods. My own experiments eventually led my to using the OpenGL shader language called glsl.

Synthclispe: is an application I ran across while looking for a good environment to do some glsl shader development in. It’s a simple install, get the downloadable complete package from Sourceforge: for Windows, Mac and Linux. All you need otherwise is an installed Java JRE or JDK >= 8. That’s it.

If your not familiar with glsl shader programming, let me refer you to this simple tutorial:–cms-23313

You can see plenty of shader examples at Shadertoy: Many of these also have glsl code posted for learning, inspiration and can also be loaded directly into Synthclipse. :slight_smile:

What makes it of possible interest to Renoisers? (Neurogami, I was thinking of you here. :slight_smile: ) You can use midi controllers in Synthclipse to control parameters to your shaders in real time in a similar fashion to livecoding your music.

Synthclispe has an animation timeline feature for creating synchronized animations:

You can capture and import both live input and .mp3 files and use “pre-coded” audio shaders too.

For those of you who are looking for something to add some spice to livecoding events or maybe your YouTube channel Synthclipse might be of interest. The possibilities are endless …


for a start i recommend using atom editor +

super easy to start and get hyped