Opening a recent Renoise file with an old version of Renoise

I know it’s a long shot but is there any way I could open a file saved from a recent version of Renoise (3.1.1) with an old version (2.7.2)? I’d like to open them on an old comp (PPC) I use as a DAW for other stuff.

Alternatively, could I export tracks to MIDI and open those with the old version of Renoise?

Edit: I also have 2.8.2 on another laptop, if that helps.

Edit 2: I’m collaborating with someone who is sending me 3.1.1 files. Could that person downgrade to 2.x or in any way use 2.x to send me basic files?

Edit 3: So y’all don’t think I’m cheaping out, I also want to upgrade my 2.8.2 to 3.1.1 but 2.7.2 is the latest supported by my old PPC Mac which I want to use for this project.

Thanks in advance!

My friend, as I see it, you have two realistic options here:

  1. You hire a programmer who will write a xml converter for the renoise 3.1->2.8 song format. Since the programmer will not be taktik, he could require 2-5 days to find out all infos by testing (most time consuming). So you will have to pay ~900€ minimum (for 2 days).

  2. You look for a very old macbook pro 13 (without intel GMA gpu!, max. then only is 10.6) with core2duo (I also wouldn’t recommend this, max is 10.13), which sometimes is offered for around 200€ and you buy a Renoise license upgrade for 81€. That oldest macbook already will be much faster than your PPC mac.

Bounce the tracks to audio wouldn’t that work?