Opening Renoise files made in Linux in Windows

All my tracks I did where made in Linux and I´m currently testing Windows for production. When opening my old tracks it seems that all the VST3 plugins load in Windows just fine, but the VST2 version are not loaded.

In other words: When opening a Renoise file that was made in Linux the e.g. Uhe VST2 plugins don´t load, although I can add new Uhe VST2 plugins in Windows.

When clicking on the plugin that´s not found in the plugin window I see e.g. “Zebra2 (not found)”. When adding new instance it ´s labelled VST:Zebra2(x64). Is there any chance to get the old plugins loaded somehow?

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You can edit underlying xml file (which is inside xrnx zip) and change plugin identification. It would require you to ie. add new new track with desired VST and copy its identification (i don’t remember actual field).

Edit: and don’t give up on linux yet ;), any missing plugin can possibly work with latest yabridge.


The only plugin I really need is sonarworks (which still works, but who know how long?) Or something comparable. If even the measurment of Sonarworks works in Wine that would be great, but I didn´t find anything with google. Have to test it for myself.

What I also miss in Windows is an easy way to route the output from Firefox to an a spectrum analyzer. I thought that must be straightforward, but actually it´s much more straightforward in Linux. Another thing: Althoug the PC I´m running Windows is more recent than my Linux PC the programs (Bitwig, Renoise, etc.) do load much faster in Linux. So to be honest the last three days I tried to work with Windows was a pain in the ass. Even Sonarworks system wide does not work crackle free in Asio mode and I´m writing the support now.

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Do you have the same versions of the plugins in both computers?I had a similar problem and only when i installed the same version of plugins songs loaded fine.Even if you have the same versions check if you were using vst 2 or vst 3 that could lead to problems.

Nope, on Windows I installed the latest version. That´s the cool thing about SunVox. As plugins don´t work you won´t run into this problem in the future. So feature request for Renoise 4 would be to stop VST support at all :rofl:

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hi lilith!

IIRC u-he plugs on linux are named and in windows Diva(x64).dll
for Renoise to load both interchangeably you just need to duplicate, then rename the new Diva to Diva.64.dll

I instead have symlinked those using a little program called “link shell extension”



Hey awesome that works indeed! Thanks!!

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