Option "don´t activate program when changing preset" Redux


When i select preset its program is always activated.
So when i go through preset to preview them with some midi sequence in my daw (chords for example)i have to turn this to off for every one individually
Can you add option to have program (phrase) deactivated by default when i go through presets?
Thank you

When you have drum sequence in your daw and you go through your drum kits (with phrases) in redux it is very annoying behaviour.

when i go through presets

So, you have a song in your DAW, in which you have explicitly set some program changes.
And each of these program changes are of course controlling the active phrase in Redux.

You then want to “try out” (audition) different phrases and hear how they sound together with the rest of your song, but somehow ignore the program changes that you’ve specified?

If this is the case, I would try out different program change values and listen to the result. Or, if you don’t care about the rest of the song but just want to preview a given phrase on it’s own, use the preview feature (‘Return’ while in phrase editor)

If you have not specified any program, Redux should use whatever one is active/selected. This might also be an option until you settle on some specific choice?