Option To Audition Sample From Cursor Position

So with this mode enabled, you can play the sample on the keyboard, through instrument options & track DSPs etc, but from the cursor point.

This way you can audition and trim your samples and hear what they will actually sound like (at the desired pitch etc).

Non destructive sample start points would be the ideal, but an option like this would still make sample editing a lot more intuitive.

enable autoseek?

You can’t play the entire keyboard range (pitch the sample), but hitting return, TAB (or whatever key you have prehear assigned to) will cause the sample to play from the selected point.
Also, you can enable “prehear on selected track” (click the little arrow next to the playback controls) to hear it with the track FX applied.

Yep I’m talking about extension of the Return command in the Sample Editor.

Currently it plays/auditions the sample from the cursor position, bypassing all instrument settings, pitch info and DSP (even with pre-hear on selected track enabled?).
Which leaves you with a rather inaccurate ‘picture’ of what the sample would sound like if cropped from that position.

I’m thinking if we could play from the cursor using the keyboard, you’d get a better listen to any potential edits before making the chop.

At the very least, it would make sense for the Transpose setting to be applied…