Option to clone pattern to end of sequence

There currently is no dedicated action for cloning the current pattern to the end of the pattern sequence, something I find the need for quite often when building songs in a more traditional verse/chorus/verse arrangement. Given that cloning a pattern already has its own button, and that both left-clicking and right-clicking appear to accomplish the same function (copy current pattern and paste copy next in sequence), right-clicking could be used to extend the cloning options and make structuring a song a little faster/easier/lazier/awesomer.

Some possibilities:
-Right-clicking clones current pattern to end of sequence
-Right-clicking and holding allows you to place the clone manually in the sequence (a highlighted bar between existing patterns would mark the target)
-Right-clicking brings up a menu with options: 1)Clone next in sequence 2)Clone to end 3)Clone and place manually

I could have sworn I was in the Ideas and Suggestions forum when I posted this :(

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Not what you want as a shortcut, but this tool auto clones the pattern selection in the sequence list while you have Renoise playing. Helpful for overdubbing, recording notes live; http://www.renoise.com/tools/auto-clone-patterns

Dunno if it auto-upgrades correctly in Renoise 3

What would be really useful is a “clone with aliases” function that creates a new pattern but with aliases to the current one in each track.

+1 This could be another item to add to a right-click menu. That might be the best route to go with this idea.

Take a look here : https://forum.renoise.com/t/new-tool-3-1-duplicate-pattern-aliased/47589