Option To Delete A Vst Plugin From List


Is it possible to delete a VST plugin from within Renoise? Is there some sort of a VST File/manager
Lets say you have 100’s of freebee plugins and want to do a clean up of the least used ones, it would be nice to actually delete them inside Renoise and not having to go to a filemanager and delete it there manually.

Didn’t find anything related when i did a seaech in the forums.

Thanks for any tips regarding this.

right mouse click on vst, enable ‘hide’.

But that only hides it, but dont delete it right?

Plugins in a lot of cases are very sophistically installed. No application should be bothering itself with uninstalling procedures. Just use the Windows software manager or simply delete plugins manually.
In renoise you can only hide them and that is on purpose.

Point taken

Thanks anyway