Option to disable Computer Keyboard Piano


I don’t know if this hasn’t been proposed yet, but I could not find it in this forum section.

So as many producers usually have some sort of midi controllers or keyboards for more comfortable workflow, wouldn’t it be great to have an option to disable computer keyboard acting as a piano and have some more useful shortcut key combinations instead?

The “piano part” of Renoise is hardwired. But since this suggestion is about customization, I’d suggest that a tool that captures keyboard input while it’s dialog is focused.

This way, you still would have access to the full Renoise keyboard and it would allow you to do “vim-style” editing where key sequences trigger certain actions.

Would be very powerful if combined with a suggestion like this one (blast from the past!):


It would indeed be great with an option to disable the “Computer Keyboard Piano”. On my compact Macbook Pro setup I don’t have a full-size keyboard, so I don’t have all the extra keys Renoise is set up to use. I’m struggling with awkward key combinations while a huge number of unused keys are right there in front of me (the alphanumeric keys) but can’t be bound to actions (without modifiers) since they’re hardwired to a keyboard piano I will never use. Freeing up these keys seem like such an obvious improvement to workflow for compact setups.

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