Option To Disable Doubleclick In Dirbrowser


A small request: is it possible to make some option/possibility do disable the double clicking in the dir-browser?

It happens quite often that I accidentally do this, while browsing trough my big dir-tree of samples, messing up my structure. Double clicking is a habit which is hard to unlearn with all other apps working that way. My root folders are all set and will never/rarely change them. I assume this will be the case for most people too.

It probably sounds insignificant, but it can be irritating if it happens often, especially when you just can’t find that right sound within all your samples.


The majority of applications that i know of, load samples when they get double-clicked (at least in Windows it works this way) and when clicked once they will be autoplayed if a toggle is set for this. Renoise does not exactly deviate in this manner.

You’re talking about the file browser window, and indeed that one works exactly as expected.

The dir browser (the left pane), doesn’t. I seems more logical for a folder to expand/collapse when double clicking, instead of being set as the rootfolder.


the discribed issue happens to me pretty often as well and whenever it does, you can hear a sigh coming from my lips.

Count me in. :)

Shameless bump, it still drives me nuts.