Option To "Full Screen" Pattern Matrix

what i’m trying to say with this is: people are asking for a Zoomable Pattern Editor and Collapsible Channel Grouping.
Wouldn’t it be a good option to see the Pattern Matrix in full screen?

so an option to turn this:


another feature request: the Track DSPs Effects List is Organizable… I can expand/collapse trees… I would like to see an option in renoise where I can choose to collapse all fx by default. (same in vsti selector by the way)

You can also rightclick the zoom plus function to expand into height.

what do you mean?

this one?

yes. but it only expands in width/height per matrix cell a bit, not to the extent of your suggestion.

aha… yes I know that… I just want the matrix fullsized :)

Yup, i’m also down on it.

Or the devs could spend time working on a proper arranger instead of trying to improve the “pattern matrix”?

That sense already got to the devs.
The only thing that isn’t available in abundance is the time to do everything that is dearly needed.

Although that is something we would all like to see what harm to you see in the Matrix having an option to take up the whole of the main panel? IE the space which was the Pattern Editor or Mixer. Compared to writing a complete Arranger this is a simple GUI change.