Option To Have Decimals Instead Of Hexadecimal

It would be great to have an option in the PREFERENCE menu to switch from hexadecimal to decimal.
I’m not sure I understand why Renoise still uses the hexadecimal (apart from traditon) and to be honest, even if I completely skipped the part about hexadecimals in the manual, I can still find my way around Renoise quite easily, but still…

I’m afraid this post might be considered “trolling”…

edit / preferences / gui /

set position number format to ‘dec’…or do you mean hex values somewhere else?

edit: jenoki is a bitch! :D

That’s just for the position, I was referring to everything else as well…

1/16 vs. 1/10

Which is more useful with 80% of the music we make?

So, why have you still not learned hex (apart from tradition)?

If you had read my post completely, you would have noticed that I also say I have no problems with Renoise as it is.

My point is that working in decimals for me would be much more faster and instinctive than working in hexadecimals.

Hex actually does make more sense in most situations in the effect column.

Because you haven’t learned it yet is all. Most of the time, entering a value in hex means just having to enter one digit instead of two when using decimal.

Also the pattern effect entry would have to be expanded to 6 positions wide, compared to the current 4, due to effects that use two separate values of 0-16 each rather than one of 0-255.

Hex makes much more sense anyway. Easier to do halves, quarters, eighths and sixteenths with just entering one digit, easier to remember than going “What is an eighth of 256?” An either of 16 is 2, so it’s 20 (rather than 32.)