Option to install without factory sample library and demo songs

This might have already been suggested and it’s something pretty minor, but I was thinking it would be nice to have the option to choose whether you want Renoise installed without the factory sample library and demo songs. The default setting for installation would of course have all this switched on, but being able to install without this stuff would be great for people who are limited by storage space or for people who just never use any of these extra resources.

I think this is a great idea,especially if the package grows in the future. So the user has more control over the installation.

This is also discussed in the forum: manual control over routes libraries, samples, instruments, in preferences panel of Renoise. Especially when they are heavy. There may be interested users who do not install everything in"C:" ,where the operating system and other programs is installed.

Also most routes to loador not loadVST/VSTi. This would not be designedtoloadmore VST, but so that they can rank better on different routes.Renoise allows only two selectablesroutes. Four or five routes for VST/VSTi would be fine, sufficient. This will allow load few VST/VSTi indifferent routes (four o five), rather of many VST/VSTi ofone or two routes (in the sense of lighten, instead of fatten, more control).