Option to "link" the two effect value digits together

(this has actually been annoying me since i started using renoise)

What i mean by this is, when you enter the first digit of the effect value (ie. the parameter to the effect command) the cursor goes to the row underneath. I’d like it to go to the second digit of the same row, and THEN to the first digit of the row underneath… if that makes sense.

(btw Impulse Tracker has a setting to link or split the effect command letter itself to/from the command value, which i’ve always found very useful – that would be another idea!! :w00t:/>/>/> :dribble:/>/>/> )

You say ‘fx parameter’, I think you mean pattern command value?

uh… yeah sorry, gonna edit my post to make it clearer =)

Ok, so i just found that holding down shift does this - whether the effect command and parameters are “linked” depends where you pressed shift. Nice little feature!

(plus the manual mentions left shift, but it also works with right shift. Nice :D )