option to load WAV properties

Hi there,

As I am a big collector of soundfonts (sf2) and no option for sf2 is available (yet?) in Renoise I have to extract all the samples from the soundfonts to use them.

I found 2 programms

  1. http://www.hammersound.net/mirrors/last_night/sf.htm
  2. http://homepages.compuserve.de/murmel99/software.htm

The first extracts all samples in one time. (very handy)
The second you can only extract one at a time. (so no use there, same as Vienna)

Ok, 1 problem and maybe 2 solutions.

The problem is:
The first program extracts the WAV files with a default loop (do not know how to disable it), which is very annoying when you load them in Renoise. All samples have a default forward loop. So every time I have to “load” “turn off loop” and “play” the sample.

The first solution:
An option in Renoise to enable/disable WAV properties on load.

The second solution:
If somebody is reading this and knows a better solution or freeware programm that extracts WAVs from Soundfonts easily, please reply.

Thanks in advance.


I also heard that there is a program that removes that “Extra info” e.g. “loop info” of a WAV file.

Anyone know such a programm ?



Here is another posible solution: Renoise supports VSTi and then you can use a VSTi that can handle soundfonts. One good example of this is the VSTi-samplers Kontakt or Halion 2.

1st : soundforge has an batch-processor, which can delete “additional information” from wav-files, which does include loops.

2nd : there are a few sf2-players around, I know of these:

  • virtual sampler : http://www.maz-sound.com/products/_vsample…er/english.html this one is rather expensive, and it does not allow multiple instances, which, combined with renoises’ currently not avaiable multitimbrality-system makes it nearly useless. but when renoise can handle this multi-timbral-stuff, this one will be dope !

  • jeskola xs-1 (cant find an url at the moment) : tried only the demoversion so far, it costs 30€ if I am right and I didnt like it too much, cant do the things virtual sampler can do.

  • sf2-player (cant find an url either) : very basic thingie, its freeware (I can send it to you by email if you wish), but it has only 3-note-polyphony. too less for most stuff. (but you can load it again and again and again.)

  • bs1-player : http://homepage.mac.com/bismark/downloads.html - havent tried that one out yet.


thanks for your info.
I know there are VST solutions, but that is not what I am looking for.
I just want to have the samples of the sf2, not the possibilities with it.

But now I can easily “rip” them with the first program and hoping to find a programm to remove that “additional information”.



I just want to have the samples of the sf2, not the possibilities with it.  

Awave converts most formats. I don’t have a link but it shouldn’t be hard to find with google or whatever…

Awave has the bad habit of splitting the stereo-files if sf2 files into 2 mono-files … :(

can it be because the wav-format doesn’t support different loops on the different channels? does soundfont support that? does it always happen?