Option to lower knob and fader mouse resistance

this might be a wierd one, but I would love it if there was an option in the preferences to lower the
knob and fader mouse resistance inside renoise.

faders need too much travel distance on a trackpad in my opinion and could be quicker since there is already a modifer key to make precise adjustments and I feel trackpads in general allow for more sensitive adjustments these days than renoise grants them.

It’s always something that I notice when I switch between Ableton and Renoise: that the quickness to adjust faders in Ableton is UX wise very satisfying while still allowing for precise adjustments (on a Macbook trackpad) and makes the Programm feel very fluid. In Renoise for example, to lower the volume fader I actually have to drag my finger down on the pad, lift it, move it back up again and drag down again to move the fader all the way down.

I know this might not be of great importance because it’s just an interaction UX thing, but it would be ace if the drag resistance could be adjusted as a variable in the prefs.

also: say no to carpal tunnel syndrome :slight_smile: