Option to not try to install ReWire engine on every start

Renoise tries to install its ReWire engine on every start, which I’m not allowing it to do, as I never ever had any use for ReWire. It’s a bit annoying though - couldn’t it be an option set for once?


Yup this would be nice if optional. I don’t have any issues on Windows but on Mac on I have to type in admin password everytime I start Renoise to allow Rewire install, a bit annoying :nerd_face:


ESP. Annoying, if you open multiple instances

P.S. If that happens with only one instance, you have remove the quarantine bit from executable.

Redownload and reinstall Renoise.

Does it apply to demo too?

Are you on OSX?

Some users have reported that OSX sandboxed Renoise on their system - for whatever reason. This is a part of OSX’s security features. When running sandboxed, the ReWire installation never persists, so it will ask to install again on every start.

To fix this, delete your Renoise.app and download it again.
Then make sure you do not launch the newly downloaded Renoise.app from the downloads folder. Move it to “Applications.”

If this doesn’t help, you can manually remove the OSX “quarantine” flags in the terminal as well:

> sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/Renoise.app
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Now I get the redownload and reinstall :slight_smile: It was always in Applications, but anyway - what if I don’t want/need the ReWire installation? I’m not allowing it and everything works fine, but it nags me every time.

Someone here in the forums posted a command line command that you can enter into your Mac terminal application to stop it from trying to authenticate re-wire every time you login. I ran it and it did the trick for me. I just don’t have it handy because I’m reading the forums on my phone right now, but search around and I think you’ll find it.

But I don’t want to install it at all

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Yes, pretty please. At least a hidden config switch “DisableRewireForever” true/false. So I can run two Renoise apps side-by-side without always cancelling the install requester. If I had count how much lifetime gone by clicking it… :smile: No, but it just is a constant annoyance.

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not sure if i’m so incapable, but none of these work in my case

I simply don’t have any use for Rewire whatsoever. I never actually had, that’s why I would rather not install it at all, which current behavior at least allows me to achieve. It’s simply a bit annoying to have to cancel that popup every time

As far as I understand you, you do not open two Renoise instances. Then simply open terminal and paste what taktik wrote:

sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/Renoise.app

Then start Renoise, install Rewire once, and at next start, it should not appear anymore.

I’ll rephrase it: I don’t want to install Rewire at all. I don’t have any use for it, and clearly, Renoise works perfectly fine without it installed.

I don’t want to it to install and then stay “hidden” - I don’t want it at all in my system.

I also don’t use AU and VST2 versions of plugins - it would drive me insane, if they would nag me everytime i load them, to install those versions anyway. But they don’t. That’s what I want from Renoise - take my NO as an answer to install Rewire and remember it forever.

Hope that’s clear enough.

Has anyone found a real solution to this? I’ve tried everything in this thread and still get asked to enter my password every time I open Renoise.

Losing my mind over here.

Yeah, next version could throw away Rewire, IMHO

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