Option to sync Ringmods in instruments section

The ring mod’s in the instruments section are free running .

I assigned 2 dc samples ( positive only) ,as an impulse trigger for the ringmod’s

Two saw ring mods , both key tracked and the same pitch .

With each note on ,there is a slight phase difference.

Option to have them start at the same time would be great.

Disabling antia aliasing and different interpolation settings for the impulse trigger does not solve the problem.

Consider the following the scenario , the roland tr808 bassdrum , replicating the bass drumsound ( without samples ) requires

2 ring mods , the second ring mod tuned a octave higher and at a lower gain setting than the fundamental .

Look at a 808 bassdrum and you’ll notice the sine is a bit skewed ,that’s because of the second harmonic .

Since the ring mod’s don’t start in sync , this will always gives us phase problems

This is verry important when doing windowed sync ,when the carrier ( ring mod wave ) phase is synced to the modulator ( sample).

The ringmod’s in the effect’s show the same behaviour ,just enable /disable a ring mod , resulting will be out of sync waves

Hmmm, after reloading the patch ,its seems to work ok ( only for ring modproblem in effects lane . )

Then again , enable/disabling ringmod dsp brings back the phase shift , but the start of the phase doesn’t seem to change with each note on .

the instruments ring mod’s suffer out with each keypress



I already asked about this behaviour and i hope there will be such an option. Would be great if it hade a phase slider too, like the dsp ringmod.